Birch (Sweet), 100% essential oil.
Betula lenta -- USA
White Birch
Our Birch essential oil is 100% pure.
Its aroma is sweet, spicy and minty, a wintergreen chewing gum odor. A powerful oil which could irritate sensitive skin. Best used with caution or not at all. Has an invigorating, even rousing effect on the spirits. Stimulates the sweat glands aiding the body in releasing harmful toxins, can be used as a diuretic for water retention and edema, increases the flow of urine and its diuretic properties could also help with obesity and cellulitis. Useful in a massage for rheumatism and muscle pain since it eliminates accumulation of uric acid in the joints. Blends well with chamomile, frankincense, lemon and cajeput. It is used as a flavor for gum and toothpaste.
SAFETY DATA: Methyl Salicilate (Wintergreen Oil), the major constituent, is not exactly toxic, but very harmful in concentration,.
1 oz= 8 drams
  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Birch, Sweet -- Betula lenta -- USA -- 1oz(30ml)
Item No. EO-02650-1
2.   Birch, Sweet -- Betula lenta -- USA 2 oz (60ml)
Item No. EO-02650-2
3.   Birch, Sweet -- Betula lenta -- USA 4 oz (120ml)
Item No. EO-02650-4
4.   Birch, Sweet -- Betula lenta -- USA 8 oz (400ml)
Item No. EO-02650-8
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