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These diffuser blends have been especially formulated to impart certain effects in the room. They may be used either in a nebulizer diffuser or an aroma lamp (oil burner). They are pure essential oil blends with no carrier oils added.

ALPHA Mental Energy Blend:basil,cypress & grapefruit
BETA Mental Energy Blend:ginger &grapefruit
DELTA Mental Energy Blend:rosemary & bergamot
GAMMA Mental Energy Blend:peppermint, frankincense & lemon
A sampler kit of all four of the above mental energy blends available.Click on any above.
CALMING/RELAXING Relaxing diffuser blend for calming & relaxation
SKEETER-SCOOT An insect repellant in jojoba oil or aloe vera gel.
VOLUPTA Sensual diffuser blend to relax & set the romantic mood
HAIR LOSS BLEND A blend of Cedarwood Atlas, Lavender, Rosemary & Thyme in a Jojoba/Grapeseed oil mix.
Lavender & Helichrysum in Almond, Wheat Germ & Coconut Oil mix

Our 5% blends.
5% Helichrysum in Jojoba Oil Gold organic
5% Melissa (Lemon Balm)in Jojoba Oil Gold organic
5% Neroli (Orange Blossom)in Jojoba Oil Gold organic
5% Rose absolute in Jojoba Oil Gold organic

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